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FPR FORCE is a Judicial Receiver. FPR FORCE offers a Receivership program whereby we recover from the owner/first lien holder ‘Safe Harbor’ and/or the entire delinquent balance, or rehab and occupy the property and pay the current and past due Association fees. Properties are managed, maintained and secured for FREE. The Association has no liability and is held harmless.


FPR FORCE qualifies properties that are abandoned; bank-owned and in arrears; rented; and Association foreclosed, as well as any delinquent property not occupied by the owner.

FPR FORCE files the Receivership Motion and Order with the Court at no cost or effort to the Association. Prior to occupancy, FPR FORCE negotiates with the owners/first lien holders to recover ‘Safe Harbor’ and/or the entire delinquent balance for the Association. The Association still preserves the right to lien and foreclose on the property. Before releasing the property from Receivership, FPR FORCE recovers the statutory ‘Safe Harbor’, and negotiates with the first lien holder to recover all outstanding delinquent assessments, penalties, and interest for the Association.


FPR FORCE pays for the cleanup, rehab, and replacement for each vacant property and maintains the property to the standard of the community.


FPR FORCE places law enforcement, fire/rescue and military members and other vetted individuals into these vacant properties.

FPR FORCE pays current assessments to the Association for properties FPR FORCE occupies and assumes responsibility for the maintenance and operating expenses for each property.

FPR FORCE collects rents for the Association on properties occupied by the owner’s tenant and will file for a writ of possession for renters that do not comply at no cost to the Association.

Professional Team


FPR FORCE’s legal team specializes in Receivership, Property Management, Insurance, Loss Mitigation, and Real Estate. Our rehab team has over 35 years of general contracting experience. 

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